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Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous

Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous

Name: Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous

Molecular formula: Na2SO3
Molecule weight: 126.04

white powder crystal,relative density is 1.561, less to dissolve in water and its water solution has alkaline reaction; Sodium sulfite 97% is hard to dissolve in ethanol. Anhydrous sodium sulphite is used to produce chloroform,solasulfone and Benzaldehyde in medical industry. .

Sodium sulfite anhydrous uses:
Sodium sulfite food grade is primarily used in the pulp and paper industry.

Sodium suphite 93% is used in water treatment as an oxygen scavenger agent, in the photographic industry to protect developer solutions from oxidation and (as hypo clear solution) to wash fixer (sodium thiosulfate) from film and photo-paper emulsions, in the textile industry as a bleaching, desulfurizing and dechlorinating agent and in the leather trade for the sulfitization of tanning extracts.

Anhydrous sodium sulfite 97% is used in the purification of TNT for military use. sodium sulfite anhydrous is used in chemical manufacturing as a sulfonation and sulfomethylation agent. It is used in the production of sodium thiosulfate. Sodium sulfite is used in other applications, including froth flotation of ores, oil recovery, food preservatives, making dyes.

Packing: In polythene plastic bag with a polypropylene overbag

Net weght: 25 kilograms per bag or following your demand.