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Sodium Sulfite Heptahydrate

Sodium Sulphite Heptahydrate

Name:Sodium Sulfite Hentahydrate
Synonyms: sodium sulfite heptahydrate; sodiumsalt,heptahydrate; Sodiumsulfite7-hydrate;sodium sulfite 7 h2o; sulfurous acid, disodium salt, heptahydrate;  disodium sulfite; sodium sulfite hydrate
Molecular formula: H14NaO10S
Molecule weight: 229.1605
Sodium Sulfite Hentahydrate Application  :
(1) Sodium Sulfite Hentahydrate in Industry :

In dyeing and printing industry ,as dechlorinating agent and bleaching agent,  in leather and tanning industry as bleaching agent , developer agent , reductant agent , stabilizer agent , or used in papermaking, electronic and water treatment industry. 
(2) Sodium Sulfite Hentahydrate in Food:

In food industry petahydrate as additive preservative, antioxidant and antimicrobic for fruits , vegetables , juices  and fish . In  silage treatment as antifermentative. In  starch and sweeteners production as bacteriostatic.    
(3)Sodium Sulfite Hentahydrate in Photo Grade:

In the photographic industry as component of developer bath  .
(4) Sodium Sulfite Hentahydrate in Medicine :

pharmaceutical industry for the production of chloroform, benzene and formaldehyde phenylpropanoid Sulfone
Packing: In polythene plastic bag with a polypropylene overbag
Net weght: 25 kilograms per bag or following your demand.